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New Car Fresh Freshie

New Car Fresh Freshie

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Once you settle into the driver's seat, take a deep breath and savor that distinct new-car scent--a beloved smell so desired it's bottled and made into air fresheners to bring back the feeling of that fresh-off-the-lot feeling. 

A fresh blend of top notes of bergamot and cool lemon, middle notes of refreshing ocean and blue cypress, and bottom notes of vetiver and coastal elements. Enjoy the ultimate aroma of a brand-new car.

Some "guidelines" for using our freshies:

  • These are for smelling, not eating.
  • Don't leave it somewhere it could stain.
  • This can melt in extreme temperatures if you use it as a car air freshener.
  • The fragrance will generally last 30-45 days, but in cooler weather, the smell can last longer. 
  • You may get used to the smell but others will still be able to smell them!
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