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Grape Jolly Rancher (type) Softball Mom Freshies

Grape Jolly Rancher (type) Softball Mom Freshies

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Inspired by the iconic grape flavor of Jolly Rancher® candies, this exquisite scent will transport your senses to a world of sweetness. Perfect for those who crave the ultra-sweet essence of grape, now you can enjoy it in the form of a fragrance.

Some "guidelines" for using our freshies:

  • These are for smelling, not eating.
  • Don't leave it somewhere it could stain.
  • This can melt in extreme temperatures if you use it as a car air freshener.
  • The fragrance will generally last 30-45 days, but in cooler weather, the smell can last longer. 
  • You may get used to the smell but others will still be able to smell them!
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